I Ate Fig Newtons Until I Puked

back when I was a kid
siting in the pantry
I downed 3 or 4 pounds of the
gooey things
never at them again
in fact
I can't stand the thought of them

did the same thing with meatloaf and pizza

when we are together
she and I
we just can't seem to get enough

I get down there
into her little cookie jar
and blow the dust off
eating her has the feel of a
good book
a classic
with the musty smell of gold leaf

I work the corners and study it well
commit the best of it to memory

then we fuck
make love
long and hard
we do the old in and out
sweat like summer in the south
then she sucks me until I am crazy
and I mount her like a dog
ignorant to anything but her box

as the cars roll by
the time ticks away

the neighbors argue
and children poke and play
the grass grows a little longer
and we just can't do it enough

she wants me to cum
like a whale on a roller coaster ride
so I roll her over and give her my ticket for the big ride
and I watch

only imagining how good it is

she quakes like a volcano that has been inactive for years
she seems to have a fault line
thru the continent of her body
the landscape of her cities
collapse and burn
we lie in the ruins

my dick is getting raw
but her tuff little pussy is ready for more

so am I

I got over on the meatloaf
and pizza

took years

but I still cannot stomach the thought of
Fig Newtons

she tells me I am
with her
on the clock
we are caught somewhere in the
difference between us

I tell her the same

we call our obsession passion

we binge and purge
and it hurts so fucking good
that I don't think I can stand to go
thru it

until the next time

when I can work her with my fingers
she does her levitation thing and we are
trick together

she told me that she found my fingers on her
soft bruises
like the dark spots on a banana

we call them love